Leather Tote - Aspen



This is one stunning Aspen!

Festooned with a shirt like front pocket, and a slimmer form factor, this sumptuous tote suits amazingly well on students, professionals and travellers alike. Wear the small tote on your shoulder with pride and move around the town, giving massive tote goals to onlookers.

  • Artisan Crafting

    – anyone can tell the effort that’s been put into the making of this splendid handbag just by touching it. This travel tote bag is his travel tote bag is a marvel of craftsmanship, and this travel tote bag will give you an excellent traveller look!

  • Stay Organiser 

    – a neat outlook is what matters the most. Keep your items organised so accessing anything is only a couple of seconds away.

  • Roomy Front Pocket

    The shirt–styled pocket on the front side serves to store items such as cards, tickets, ID documents, and keys, etc.

  • Sturdiness

    – with durability looking good, Poppy allows you to push the limits. Rough it up, or toss around; the tote won’t show wrinkles or signs of wear and tear.

Size – 13”(33cm) L x 15”() H x 4(10cm)" W 

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