7 Best Men's Leather Duffle Bags That Will Make Your Travels A Breeze In 2022

Are you in need of a new weekend bag? If so, you may be wondering where to start your search. With so many diverse options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which bag is right for you. This article will discuss some characteristics you should look for when shopping for a weekend bag. We will also recommend a few of our favourite bags that are perfect for weekends away.
What leather is best for you to get a cowhide overnight bag?
Is full-grain leather or top-grain leather better? Do you require a padded shoulder strap? And which style is the most comfortable?

This buying guide will provide a rundown of some things you'll need to contemplate before buying a men's leather overnight bag. Next, we'll review what we think are the top 7 bags this year.

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You undoubtedly have heard the term "leather" many times and probably use it in many goods and services, such as fancy luggage. So what about this material makes it an excellent material for duffle bags?

Leather is one of our favourite materials. Here's some more information on the advantages of leather.

Our guide will give you a few of the different things you should consider when acquiring a men's leather weekender bag, and the subsequent sections will assist you in picking out the best seven bags at present on the market.

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All About Leather: What You Need to Know

You've probably heard a lot about it, as leather allows you to use it in various ways. So why exactly is this an excellent material for duffel bags? We're going to tell you why we love leather in more detail.


The leather duffle's are made for your use and convenience. They are made from genuine leather and have various colours to choose from. The leather bag is the perfect size for bringing your essentials around. Leather duffle's are handy for transporting your belongings in style. They will hold your wallet, makeup, phone, keys, and other small items you need daily.

 Leather is one of the oldest, most enduring materials around. And because it's so expensive and challenging to work with, it's also one of the most exclusive. So a leather duffle is perfect for those who want to stand out. It's handcrafted with a robust and durable design, so you can be confident that your bag will last. The leather is sourced from all over the world, and it's carefully tanned to ensure that it will age beautifully and prevail over you for a lifetime.

Our Duffle bags are made with a rich, natural leather exterior and are designed to be durable, stylish and functional. So whether you're looking for a versatile carry-on or something more sophisticated, our duffle bags will go with any look.


One crucial benefit of turning to genuine leather is that it is very durable. It will stand up to the test of time under many different conditions. One of the unique attributes of genuine leather is that it stays in good condition despite years of use. The thick hides of cows and buffalo help leather remain sturdy and dependable over time.

When it comes to purchasing a leather bag, longevity is critical. Full grain hide leather is known for its durability, and these bags are made from the best grades of leather. As a result, you'll be able to carry these bags for years without worrying about damage or wear. When you want to find a bag that's going to last, you want to go with leather. The leather is strong enough to handle anything you throw at it, and It can take a beating, and it will still look good as new. It's not just durable, but it's also stylish and looks great with any outfit.

Generally, buffalo leather is thicker than cowhide leather. This makes it harder to work with but will also have a longer lifespan. It's harder to work with than cowhide leather, but its life expectancy is also longer, so make sure you remember this.


Leather bags are not for everyone. They're expensive, and they need to be cared for properly. But when you pick up a bag made from quality leather, you'll know it's not the cheapest choice. Making leather bags is notoriously tricky and is reflected in the price. However, you'll also know that this bag will last a lifetime with proper care.

Leather is an investment. However, leather can be an excellent investment if you think about it. If a quality leather duffle lasts for decades and decades, it could well be the last work or travel bag you ever buy. Think of all that money you could save from not needing to repurchase another bag!

The best thing you can do for your leather bags allows them to develop a rich patina through the years. It's a great addition to the bag that adds some character and makes it appear even more distressed. In addition, many of our clients prefer that their leather bags age as time passes, making the product a more financially reliable choice.

Types of Leather: A Guide to the Many Varieties

 New to leather quality? You may see terms like patina or grain floating around. But, you'll want to know this: Parchment leather is the most lustrous and preferred variety worldwide.

You've been looking for the ideal leather bag but don't know what to look for. Of course, it would be best if you went for either full-grain or top-grain leather bag. However, watch out for products that say they're 'bonded' or 'genuine' leather. These terms mean the product will be cheap and won't last long. So instead, look for full-grain or top-grain leather bags that are durable, long-lasting, and can look great!

Let's examine these terms in more detail.

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather and grain leather are two of the most emphatic types of leather. Top grain leather is not the highest grade leather. However, full grain leather is usually considered to be the best quality leather available. It's the whole hide layered in one natural layer. No chemical processes are permitted during the tanning process of the top grain leather.

Full grain leather is highly durable and difficult to work with, making it a little more expensive than lower-quality leather. Pay attention that you're wearing full-grain leather, which is 100 per cent natural leather and has flaws and blemishes just like ours.

If you're looking for a long-lasting, durable material for your next project, choose full-grain leather. Unlike other leathers, this one is made from the outermost layer of the hide and has not been buffed or ground to remove imperfections. As a result, it will age beautifully and develop its unique patina over time.

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Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the most standard type of leather. It is made from the top layer of a hide, which only has natural marks and imperfections.

It is durable, breathable and supple. The durability of this type of leather makes it a good choice for items that will be used regularly, such as shoes, furniture and handbags. The breathability and suppleness of top grain leather make it feel soft to the touch and less likely to crease or wrinkle than other types of leather.

A few chemicals and finishes will provide a remarkably even and smooth finish, resulting in a wide variety of leather-based finishes. Because of this, top-grain leather is most often the preferred choice. While the top grain leather's flaws and blemishes might not be appealing, top grain leather is a workable alternative.

Leather from top grain is relatively easy to work with due to the chemical processes used for crafting, frequently making it less expensive. Nevertheless, it's rarely as hard as it initially appears to be.

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Other types of natural and faux leather are other options apart from leather.

There are many different types of leather besides full grain leather and top grain leather, which we suggest you select. But remember that other grains are also out there, and you must understand your choice. So read on for the other options.


This leather was made from the poorer grades of natural leather that have otherwise been discarded. Mostly, scraps of useless leather are stitched together to form a professional leather good.

This considerably impacts the hardness of the hide. Genuine leather does not last as long as full or top grain leather, which is something to consider beforehand.


Bonded leather is identical to genuine leather except for a process that gives a distinctive look and can ensure that it's machine-stitched together as opposed to sewing. A process can ensure that misconception, but the endurance will be reduced owing to the adhesive used to create it. So use caution when trying to understand leather quality.


PU leather sometimes referred to as faux leather, isn't leather. It is a synthetic material made to resemble leather. A way to differentiate faux leather from the real is to test it with your finger. If it's cold to the touch, it's probably faux leather. Natural leather is warm to the touch because it is all-natural.

PU leather or faux leather duffle bags won't have the endurance or reliability of traditional leather duffle bags. So although it looks similar, it will not have the same durability.

Things to consider before by leather duffle bag

There are many excellent leather duffle bags to choose from. Nevertheless, not all bags provide the same quality. If you want to invest in a leather bag but don't wish to make a wrong choice, you must review a few of these factors. Let's do so right away.

Size and capacity 

A roomy duffel bag will hold all the clothes and items you need before leaving town. But, of course, it needs to be compact enough that you can easily travel with it.

Many luggage bags meet the criteria of roughly 45 litres of storage space. However, if you wish to take your bag on a plane with you, select one that does not exceed 22 × 14 × 9 inches.

Leather bags tend to weigh more than synthetic fabrics. So, weigh the bag before purchasing it to ensure you are comfortable wearing it. A fabulous-looking bag that feels great on your shoulder may still cause strain if it is not light enough.


Men should consider investing in men's leather weekender bags developed for internal storage to avoid losing smaller items alongside their clothes and toiletries. It's also frequently useful if an individual's leather duffle has a dedicated pocket for tablets, laptops, pens, and business cards.


One that's constantly overlooked but can be very useful. Look out for a leather bag with external pockets that give you easy access to your belongings. If possible, look for one with a tremendous exterior storage system. We find these work best as a leather suitcase when travelling by airplane.

Consider how convenient it is to take out your passport and airline ticket from your exterior pocket instead of leaving behind hiding places inside your luggage depth chart. Since you may find functional pockets are great for travelling with a leather duffel bag.

Many duffel bags now come with totally distinct shoe compartments. These shoes can be priceless if you are hiking during your vacation or infamous for having perpetually smelly feet. You can put your dusty shoes in a separate compartment, not worry about dirtying (or polluting!) your liked items.

Characterised and appearances

Leather products may vary in design. Different animals are used to create leather products that vary from one product to another. For example, leather products vary from one that comes from a cow to one that is produced using goat hides. It's essential to research before you choose to purchase a leather bag.

You ought to think carefully about tanning, as tanning refers to how an animal's skin was cleaned before your bag's creation. Some bags already have a wrinkled appearance, while those with a specific design have a sleek look. People choose to go for bags that already have a vintage style.

When buying a leather bag online, be aware that it might appear different to how it does on your computer screen. Each leather bag is unique in its way. Some bags use leather for decorative purposes only.

Straps And Handles

Leather enthusiasts often transport their leather duffel bags using their own hands instead of allowing a bag with a handle harness to rely on its grasp. Sure bags come with leather wrap handles designed to prevent chafing and ergonomic, rounded handles that feel comfortable and soft to hold. If you have to take other things in addition to your bag, it s a good idea to select a bag with a detachable shoulder strap and an adjustable strap.


Primarily, we recommend selecting a leather duffle in a neutral shade that suits your elemental deportment. Brown leather duffel bags go with essentially all outfits. The Panama Duffel is our most popular black leather duffel for men.

Additionally, brown leather duffel bags for men are quite a high-end choice. One thing to remember is that the fewer processes an operator perform on a leather good, the better its resilience attributes will be. So naturally, many animal hides will produce leather in a brown leather shade. This can make a difference to the quality of the leather if the hide isn't dyed.


It would be best if you had sturdy bag hardware to keep up your full-grain buffalo-leather selection. If you have brass rivets, buckles, or clasps on your full grain buffalo leather journey bag, make sure the hardware can resist the test of time. Brass is a superb material for rivets, feet, and buckles.

Buckles are typically safer than other fastening systems, making buckles one of the safest fastening methods. However, different things could lead to buckles, such as low-quality materials. Buckles can be opened relatively quickly, and there are no essential components for buckles to fail. Zippers are convenient, but they give in over time. Try to make sure that you get zippers with reinforced sides


Leather is popular among bag makers due to its high durability and long-lasting nature. However, your general outlook on the material will significantly affect how long your leather bag lasts. For example, inferior leather may break down quickly, while high-quality leather may last many years. Buffalo skin ranks among the most durable kinds of animal hide. Tanning and treatment methods can also cause the shelf life of your bag.

There are products to help you with ongoing care for your leather duffle bag. Some bags even come equipped with leather care kits, including creams that can be applied to your bag. In addition, your bag may see tears and wear, making it very useful if it comes with tools to assist with the repairs.

Duffle bag manufacturers often offer warranties on their products, allowing you to send your bag back to them once they discover a design flaw. Even when you're confident that your bag will last for many years, it's still wise to ensure your company has a guarantee.

What are the steps to care for leather bags?

Clean a Leather Bag Regularly

Leather is a natural product and is susceptible to stains and dirt. It can be challenging to clean and maintain leather items. The best way to keep your leather bag looking good is by following these steps:

- Clean the bag with a damp cloth.

- Brush off any loose dirt or dust with a dry brush.

- Apply saddle soap to the cloth, then rub it onto the bag in circular motions.

- Let the saddle soap soak into the leather, then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

- Buff out any remaining residue with a dry cloth or brush.

Maintain Your Leather Bag with conditioner

You can use a leather conditioner to maintain your leather bag. It will keep your leather bag in good shape and prevent it from drying. Leather conditioners are available in liquid, cream, or spray form, and you can use them every two weeks to maintain your leather bag.

The best way to maintain your leather handbag is by using a high-quality conditioner for the material. You should apply the conditioner every 2 or 3 weeks and let it dry for about 15 minutes before wiping off excess product with a soft cloth or tissue paper.

Store Your Leather Bag in a safe place

Leather bags are a significant investment. They are stylish, durable and long-lasting. However, they can be pretty challenging to maintain.

The best way to store your leather bag is in a cool, dry place. This will prevent the leather from cracking and keep the bag looking its best for longer.

If you want to keep your bag looking great, remember these tips:

- Keep it away from direct sunlight (direct sunlight will cause it to fade)

- Don't store it near other materials that might damage the leather (e.g., plastic)

- Keep it away from damp places or high humidity environments


Leather is an organic product, so it often tarnishes from an excess of exposure to either extreme heat or extreme cold. When there's a chance that the weather may be extreme, be cautious in extremely wet conditions. In case your bag has been likewise wet, you should dry it in a warm, dry place where sunlight isn't shining on it.

The tricky thing about excessive heat exposure is that it poses certain dangers to your backpack. This would leave marks on it or cause it to warp, so take notice. Considering this factor, it might even shave off the followed suit look that usually attracts people to it.

We recommend not keeping your leather bag in a damp basement or trunk in a dark room during winter. Over the extended term, leather is susceptible to exposing signs of mould. Instead, keep your leather bag in a dry, easily ventilated area.

Our Top Pick of 7 leather duffel bags for men in 2022.

After determining what travel bags you want, it's the ideal time to evaluate some models. To learn what makes one bag stand out, consider what is unique about its functionality.

We've selected our top 7 leather men's duffle bags that our customers love. We will analyse why each one works well for you.


1. Ranger Duffle Bag 

Ranger duffle bag_Vintage Leather Sydney

This high-quality leather travel bag is excellent for safeguarding your personal belongings while you're away. This travel bag is designed for light and quick trips. The double straps enable it to be worn on your shoulder or back, and the front flap with a built-in lock increases security.

Travel Bag Specification,

  • This bag has been designed to handle the most arduous tasks: rugged, high-quality exterior and excellent carrying capacity.

  • For extra comfort, it has a padded adjustable strap. Double straps also make it easy to carry heavy loads.

  • The top flap has a sliding lock to keep your belongings safe inside, while two side pockets provide quick and easy access when you need them.

  • This bag is super comfortable to carry, and its lightweight but high-quality materials make it durable.

  • It has lots of pockets for your belongings, a front flap with a sliding lock to secure your belonging, and two side pockets for small items you need to carry.



Orlando Leather Duffle Bag By Vintage LeatherSydney

This rugged weekender bag has all the tools you'll need for leisure and business travel. From laptops to clothing to shoes, it's an all-in-one companion for special occasions and professional trips. Look no further. Our leather duffle bag is a great travel mate. Our men's leather duffle bag is suitable for taking your next trip with durable, adjustable straps, side pockets, and powder-brave piping of all sorts.

Weekender Bag Specification,

  • ID Window Pocket

  • Zippered Closure

  • Ample interior space

  • Ergonomic Design Side Pockets with buckle closure

  • Back zipper pocket

  • Extra space for all your toiletries

  • Separate compartment for the phone charger

  • No need to make space in your bag for that one big, bulky bag anymore.

  • Keep your ID and essential cards safe and secure.

  • Ample room to store everything you need for the day, with a separate shoe compartment.

Leather Duffle Bag Orlando By Vintage Leather Sydney

Orlando duffle bag reviews


Panama Duffle Bag By Vintage Leather Sydney

Get the experience out on your future weekend trip you're aiming for with the brand-new super-durable Leather Duffle Bag - Panama. This particular model, the Panama duffle bag, is a fantastic surprise even for travelling enthusiasts. Carefully crafted from only the best grade of leather, the bag can comfortably hold all the valuables you will require on your weekend journey!

Leather Overnight Bag Specification,

  • Dual-Handle Support for all your travelling needs

  • A sizeable external zipper securely stores away your clothing when you're on the go.

  • The robust, durable casing ensures that your clothes stay fresh and secure!

  • Sometimes you need to carry two things at once. That's where the dual-handle Support comes in handy.

  • The zipper can extend to the external Zipper section of the bag, allowing you to store more items while maintaining a low profile.

  • It's sturdy and durable, made with high-quality material that guarantees longevity.

  • Size  13.5" Tall x 22" Wide x 10" Deep

Leather Duffle Bag Panama_Vintage Leather Sydney


Shephard Leather Duffle Bag By Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

This vintage-inspired leather duffle is the ideal bag for an individual who wants an antique touch. The distressed aesthetic and leather exterior will make you feel great and look terrific. In addition, this bag contains many features, so you never have to worry about leaving home without it.

Men's Leather Duffle Bag Specification,

  • Slim and sleek design that is perfect for just about any occasion, without compromising on space.

  • The shoulder strap has been thoughtfully designed to help you carry your bag around easily and comfortably.

  • Water-resistant and easy-to-clean fabric with a RAW LOOK that doesn't fade in fad.

  • It comes in a raw, natural material that gives it a timeless, rugged look.

  • Plenty of space to pack everything you need without looking too bulky.

  • The shoulder strap makes it much easier to carry around, especially when your hands are full.

  • The two front pockets are perfect for securely storing all your small items.

  • SIZE – 10" H X 22"

Leather Duffle Bag_SHepherd by Vintage Leather

Vintage Leather Sydney_Reviews


Leather Duffle Bag ESSEX by Vintage Leather Sydney

Essex is the ultimate weekender bag, with a premium appearance and sporty design. Carry it around absolutely without worrying about the load's effects on your daily walk. Twin handles maintain style as you remain composed and keep your belongings inside!

Men's Weekend Duffle Bag Specification,

  • Made from the most premium quality leather that feels smooth and supple to touch.

  • The zipper closure keeps all your items secure, even on the go.

  • The inner pockets are perfect for storing your phone or other valuables.

  • Reinforced webbing provides extra strength for the bag and its contents, so it'll last a lifetime.

  • And because this bag is more extensive, it has more storage space to pack in everything you need!

  • More extensive Storage– measuring at 10" H x 22" L x D 10

Leather Duffle Bag Essex

Vintage Leather Reviews


Vintage Leather Overnight Bag Enfield

There's no need to look any further to find a high-quality leather overnight bag. This leather item is made from robust and high-quality materials with a handmade appearance and looks great for years to come. The height of the baggage allows plenty of room for your belongings, along with making plenty of room for your feet to stretch out. You will find many colours to pick from, including design options!

Leather Overnight Bag Specification

  • Made from high-quality materials that won't get easily torn

  • Fully machine washable for all your messy adventures

  • Fashion forward and match every occasion.

  • Lightweight yet durable enough to carry your entire work and travel essentials.

  • Free your hands with two handles for easy carrying.

  • Chic and professional with a shoulder strap that looks great in the office.

  • Easy to wear, whether in the office or travelling around the world.

  • This backpack is made of durable canvas with a water-resistant coating; this backpack is a perfect companion for everyday adventures.

  • Two external pockets provide ample space for essentials and valuables.

  • The padded back panel and the adjustable shoulder straps guarantee the most comfortable carrying experience.

Enfield Duffle Bag by Vintage Leather



Leather Duffle Bag Denver by Vintage Leather Sydney

Denver Leather Duffle Bag

Carrying your luggage can be pretty strenuous if your bag does not have a satisfactory ergonomic method. Unfortunately, most Leather Duffle Bags on the market makes it hard for you to maneuver, and you'll need to take them on the subway. Our Duffle Bag  Denver is designed to give you an ergonomic method, and you may count on it being one less thing to concern yourself with!


  • Stylish, roomy and with a long shoulder strap, this bag is designed to take care of all your travel needs, big or small.
  • Made from our soft and sleek leather, this duffle bag will take you everywhere in style.
  • A large interior section means you can pack for weeks without overstuffing, while two outside compartments store your electronics. When you're done with it, just roll it up and attach the leather handle to put it away.
  • Zipper closure with a flap to keep your items safe.
  • Durable, long-lasting and classy leather material.
  • Looks good and feels good too.
  • Size  12" H x 24" L x D 11

Vintage Leather Denver


  • What is the main difference between a leather satchel and a duffle?

    The main difference between a leather satchel and a duffle is in size and shape.

    A leather satchel is smaller than a duffle but more square-shaped. A duffle bag is more significant than a leather satchel, but it has more of a rectangular shape.

  • What are the benefits of having an authentic, rugged leather duffle?

    The benefits of having an authentic, rugged leather duffle are that it will last a lifetime, is water-resistant and has a sturdy zipper.

    This bag is made of heavy-duty leather and has a zipper resistant to water. In addition, the leather is thick and durable, which means the bag will last for years without any wear and tear.

  • What features should men's leather duffle bags have?

    Men's leather duffle bags should have various features that make them stand out from the crowd. These features can be pockets, handles, and even the design.

    Pockets: The pockets are essential for men's leather duffle bags. They should have at least one pocket on the outside that can be accessed easily by pulling it out or unzipping it. Inside there should also be at least one pocket for storing smaller items like wallets, pens and phones.

    Handles: Handles are another essential feature of men's leather duffle bags because they allow them to be easily carried around. The handles should preferably be long so they can hang off the shoulder without being too uncomfortable or awkward to carry around.

    Design: The design is an essential feature for men's leather duffle bags because it can help to set your bag apart from other everyday duffle bags. Many different designs are available, and you should consider what type of design you want before deciding on a bag. The primary goal of a man's leather duffle is to protect the contents from elements and hold them in place.

  • Are these leather bags expensive?

    The answer to this question is not a plainly yes or no. It depends on the bag's quality, materials, and brand. A good leather bag will cost anywhere from $200 to $500. The more costly ones are usually made from exotic animal leathers such as crocodiles and ostrich.

  • What are the different types of duffels?

    The different types of duffels are backpacks, slings, and totes. Duffels are often used as a carry-on bag when travelling. Both men and women use them.

    The term "duffle" is derived from the French word "doffer," which means to shake out or beat down. The term was first used in the 1800s to describe a jacket worn by hunters in Europe and America.

  • Why should I buy a rugged leather duffle instead of a regular one?

    A rugged leather duffle is made of very durable and robust material. They are usually made of a mixture of cowhide and other materials, such as nylon or canvas. Tough leather duffels are appealing because they are water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the contents getting wet if it rains. They also have a much lengthier lifespan than regular duffels.

    Furthermore, tough leather duffels come with an array of features that make them more versatile than regular ones. For example, some tough leather duffels can be converted into backpacks or suitcases by removing the strap handles on the side.

  • How to care leather duffle bag?

    Leather duffle bags are a popular accessory for men. They are popular because they are durable, stylish, and versatile.

    To care for your leather duffle bag:

    - Clean the bag with a dry cloth and some leather conditioner.

    - Apply a leather protector to the bag regularly to prevent cracking and fading.

    - Use a water-resistant product on the bag's exterior if it is exposed to rain or snow.

    - Store your leather duffle bag in a cool, dry place when it is not in use.

  • Can I get it monogrammed on my bag?

    Yes, We offer monograms on all bags at an extra cost.

Note: The cleaning and leather care tips provided here are general suggestions. It's crucial to consider the specific type of leather and the individual item. For personalized guidance and to address specific concerns, always consult with a professional or refer to manufacturer recommendations. The information offered here is for informational purposes only and may not be suitable for all situations.